Merciful Minis Visit School District 135 ESY Summer Program

                                                July 15, 2019

It was a day of homecoming for several of the Merciful Minis Handler team members as they accompanied the miniature therapy horses to a beautiful school in Orland Park as it hosted the District 135 Summer School Program. Many of the miniature horse handlers are recent retirees of the south suburban school district, and are now volunteering to work in the non-profit Merciful Minis Therapy Horse Organization.


On this early Monday morning there was a breeze in the air as more than twenty young students awaited the arrival of the three year old miniature horse team. Dr. Laura Berry, Co- Founder of Merciful Minis, introduced the minis and briefly described the training necessary to be registered as a therapy horse handler team.

Led by their handler team, the minis then greeted each child and staff member allowing time for the young children to pet the mane and feel the soft whiskers of the young, tiny horses, Luna Rae and Hawk.

Many of the students were amazed at the site of small horses with braids and ribbons in their manes and tails, on their school playground. Some children were anxious to pet each mini, while other students were satisfied with admiring the miniature horses at a distance in the comfort of their teacher’s watchful arms.

At the conclusion of the visit the staff and minis said their goodbyes, with hugs and well wishes. The children re-entered the building as the miniature horses loaded into the horse trailer to return to their stable nearby.

This has been a fun filled summer for the minis. We are looking forward to more visits throughout the south suburban area to fulfill our mission of improving the physical and emotional well-being of others. Please follow our journey at

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