Homer Glen Parade

Homer Community Fest Parade, June 23, 2018

“You want to do what, with whom?”  This was the reaction of some when our Merciful Mini Handler Team began preparing our Mini Stars for the Homer Community Fest Parade. But we knew our minis, and several of the handlers have had experience riding horseback  in past events/festivals. The Mercifuls were ready, set, go…. Our two year old boyz , Rae and Hawk did not let anyone down….in fact, they surprised all with their minimal size, confidence, stunning red, white and blue décor, and fondness for little spectators. Even Mercy wanted to join us. She whinnied when we left the barn but after her television debut yesterday we thought she merited an afternoon of rest even if she didn’t agree.

We were #30 in parade position. The Little Boyz watched the High School Band march by, military vehicles and personnel lined up driving and making their way north on Parker Road, antique cars tooting their horns, scouts waving their flags, fire engines and ambulances sounding off their whistles, karate kids slamming their boards, candy flying left and right,  and even Uncle Sam swerving in and out of the paraders on bike. Absolutely NO PROBLEM for the two year olds minis. Nobody was going to rain on their parade!

The Mercifuls achieved their mission of letting Homer Glen know who we are and what we are all about. Imagine our joy when the Master of Ceremony stood at the Grandstand and introduced the Merciful Mini Miniature Therapy Horse Team to the hundreds in attendance.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this team of little horses have a big job throughout our area. They bring joy to the sick, less abled, veterans and schools”

While our boyz may not have understood the official’s words, I am convinced the minis knew they were important.

First parade for the littles: BIG success!


Harvester Place

Watch MERCY at Work….Click Here

                             Merciful Minis Visits Harvester Place, Burr Ridge

                                                            June 22, 2018


A Time for Everything- There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens; a time to be born and a time to die…a time to weep and a time to laugh…a time to be silent and a time to speak…a time to love and a time to hate…

I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. Ecclesiastes 3 NIV

Today was our second attempt to visit Harvester Place; we had to cancel an earlier visit due to severe weather conditions and our reluctance to transport our minis when traveling could put them in harms way.

Following several days of heavy storms there was a window of opportunity when the rain subsided and our Mini Mercy confidently stepped into the trailer trusting in us to take her wherever we thought she was needed the most. At times I felt I was driving a pontoon rather than my 250 Ford pick up. Mercy may have been questioning the wisdom of the trip as she heard the trailer splashing through some of the water on the roadways.

When we arrived at Harvester Place many of our volunteers looked as if we stomped thru each puddle along the way due to an early morning shower. We were greeted at the door by a wonderful staff so happy we could make the trip, totally overlooking the drops of rain from our foreheads.

Once inside, the challenges of the morning were quickly forgotten as we saw the joy in the eyes of those we had come to visit.  Mercy was at her best walking from senior to senior, taking time to accept their love and eagerness to touch and hold a pretty little mini with the most beautiful blue eyes, pink nose and a braided tail.

When it was time to leave Mercy casually walked down the hallways of Harvester, stopping by to say “hello” to those who were unable to attend the group gathering. Staff members came out from where they had been working to take pictures of something many had never seen before….a beautiful little Falabella Horse stomping by to say “How do you do?” to anyone needing a mini ounce of encouragement and love.


Providence in Palos Heights

June 15, 2018


Merciful Minis returned to Providence Health Care in Palos in celebratory fashion. Following months of rehab after a life threatening illness, our little Falabella Mare, Mercy, pranced out of her trailer, looked at the group of residents awaiting her arrival, and let out a clear, loud whinny to the amusement of all.

Mercy and our team of Merciful Minis therapy volunteers made their rounds greeting each resident, answering questions, and explaining the responsibilities of being a therapy team.

The residents were so happy to see our miniature horse, some still have a picture of Mercy on display in their rooms from last years’ visit. The volunteers could sense that Mercy was pleased to return to Providence and as Mercy and her handler exited back to the horse trailer following their visit with each resident,  she was given a huge a round of applause. Mercy held her head high, her blue eyes sparkled, and with a tiny little smile she pranced into the horse trailer to return home.

Important job well done for a little horse with a big heart.


The challenges of running a non for profit organization can be daunting and a day doesn’t go by without worry about the obligations of caring for the animals and maintaining a core group of volunteers who give so freely of their time for training and visits without compensation.

Today, however, was a day of great reward; not monetarily but spiritually. Merciful Minis was invited to the home of a family as a training opportunity for our two year old minis. Kelsey Rozema is a young doctoral student pursuing a degree in Art Education. She has physical challenges requiring her to use a wheelchair for mobility. Kelsey invited our minis, Rae and Hawk, to meet her therapy dog at her home in a nearby town.

The miniature horses were “game on”. Their behavior was exceptional and they immediately showed the curiosity and sensitivity needed to become awesome therapy horses.

Reflecting on today’s’ visit I have a renewed confidence in the ability of others to overcome adversity and soar to unlimited heights. As a member of the Merciful Minis Team I have had the honor of meeting many amazing people quietly accomplishing extraordinary levels of achievement not for personal gain but rather for the good and well-being of all.

I am in awe in the power of miniature horses to connect with people and to provide others with a sense of renewal and value for living. I invite all to join the Merciful Minis in their journey. It’s an amazing trail ride unlike all others I’ve experienced.


June 1st Visit

June 1, 2018


Merciful Minis were the celebrated guests at O’Neill Middle School in Downers Grove. Following a week long of storms and extremely hot humid weather, today’s temperature could not have been better.

The minis relaxed in the school’s shaded courtyard as middle school students and staff came to meet the little boys. Sitting on a bale of straw, the students were able to get close to the horses and learn more about the care of the animals and the unique attributes of a therapy mini.

Throughout each visit our minis develop greater self confidence in strange and unique surroundings. Our volunteers and handlers learn a lot as well and, best of all, we continue to meet awesome people dedicated to helping others and improving our world.