Homer Glen Parade

Homer Community Fest Parade, June 23, 2018

“You want to do what, with whom?”  This was the reaction of some when our Merciful Mini Handler Team began preparing our Mini Stars for the Homer Community Fest Parade. But we knew our minis, and several of the handlers have had experience riding horseback  in past events/festivals. The Mercifuls were ready, set, go…. Our two year old boyz , Rae and Hawk did not let anyone down….in fact, they surprised all with their minimal size, confidence, stunning red, white and blue décor, and fondness for little spectators. Even Mercy wanted to join us. She whinnied when we left the barn but after her television debut yesterday we thought she merited an afternoon of rest even if she didn’t agree.

We were #30 in parade position. The Little Boyz watched the High School Band march by, military vehicles and personnel lined up driving and making their way north on Parker Road, antique cars tooting their horns, scouts waving their flags, fire engines and ambulances sounding off their whistles, karate kids slamming their boards, candy flying left and right,  and even Uncle Sam swerving in and out of the paraders on bike. Absolutely NO PROBLEM for the two year olds minis. Nobody was going to rain on their parade!

The Mercifuls achieved their mission of letting Homer Glen know who we are and what we are all about. Imagine our joy when the Master of Ceremony stood at the Grandstand and introduced the Merciful Mini Miniature Therapy Horse Team to the hundreds in attendance.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this team of little horses have a big job throughout our area. They bring joy to the sick, less abled, veterans and schools”

While our boyz may not have understood the official’s words, I am convinced the minis knew they were important.

First parade for the littles: BIG success!


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