Celebration of Reading with the Girl Scouts

                             April 21, 2018

Merciful Minis were invited to join the Girl Scouts at the American Legion Hall in Lockport at a celebration of reading event sponsored by the scouts.  Family members enjoyed meeting Hawk and Rae on the beautiful grounds honoring our veterans. A light rain did not deter the gathering. Young and old were charmed by the two year old minis who are gaining in confidence and experience during each visit.

Homer Glen Library…Mercy Rocks!

Merciful Minis returned to Homer Library as Guest Readers. Following a read aloud of
 “ the artist who painted a blue horse” all in attendance had an opportunity to have a photo shoot with our six year old mare, Mercy, followed by a question/answer period. Prior to leaving the Mercifuls had a request to PLEASE return in the the summer for a “Picnic with the Ponies”
We are so proud of our team! Mercy is an amazing STAR mini!