And So We Begin

March 10, 2016

Molly and Mercy have been home at JB’s Ranch for a few months now and getting to know the horses and people (dogs too) who call this home as well. Routines, which are so important, are being established albeit with some anticipated changes as the warm weather arrives. The most important for the first few weeks and months is building relationships with handlers so that there is genuine trust established. We will be asking these little girls to go into strange and complicated places (nursing homes with elevators, furniture, wheel chairs and lots of people to name a few). Without the trusting relationship with the handler, visits will not be successful.

Additionally, we are recruiting others interested in volunteering for these visits. It takes many hands for successful visits and to prepare for the visits. Sensitivity training with the equipment, strange activity and noise are part of this time as well. Soon we will practice specific skills that mini and human will need to pass our Pet Partner tests!