In Memorium

A Special Bond

                                       Somewhere in time’s own space

                                      There must be some sweet pastured place

                                        Where creeks flow on and tall trees grow

                                      Some Paradise where loved ones go,

                                      For by the love that guides my pen

                                      I know great horses live again.

                                                                              Stanley Harrison

During this last year, Merciful Minis has lost several members of our Family: human, equine, and feline. We are comforted by many fond memories, the support of those remaining, and our commitment to continue to help others throughout life’s journey.

We are grateful for the generous support of others, living and those now deceased. Donations received by the Merciful Minis Therapy Program go directly to providing health care for our therapy minis. Our work is a testament to those before us who showed us unconditional love in our everyday lives. They gave us confidence to meet challenges, providing comfort during troubling times, and modeling hope for a better day.

To all of our Family and Friends, Thank You.

                   In honor of JoAnn Berry Manka

                IMG_6062                                                                                                               (Jenny)

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