Shady Oaks II

                                               Merciful Minis Return to Shady Oaks Camp

                                                            Boys Turn!

                                                       July 27, 2018

 Today was an autumn-like day and it was Mercy’s opportunity to take a rest from her busy summer schedule of visitations and give the young boys, Hawk and Luna Rae, an opportunity to step up to the plate and represent the Merciful Mini Therapy Team.

They were All Stars!  One by one the curious pint sized geldings confidently walked up to the campers under the gentle guidance of our experienced handler teams. The campers were amazed at the size of the minis. They were able to look eye to eye and pet the manes of the beautiful horses and admire the glitter on each hoof and ribbons in each tail.

The camp volunteers were equally excited to meet the Merciful Minis Therapy team. All waved good bye when it was time to leave while Hawk and Rae masterfully pranced into the trailer as if they’ve done it all of their lives.

Hope to see you next year, beautiful Shady Oaks Family!


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