Merciful Minis Visit New Friends at Smith Crossing

                                    September 20, 2019

Driving into the entryway at Smith Crossing was a bit challenging with all of the construction vehicles hard at work but the reward of meeting so many enthusiastic seniors made the trip exceptionally worthwhile.

The minis confidently exited the horse trailer and headed directly to the beautiful garden where seniors awaited their arrival. One by one the horses stopped to say hello to each senior. The handlers responded to each question and allowed time for the mini and senior to get to know one another, sometimes with a pat on the shoulder or a gentle rub in the mane.

The seniors fondly recalled their life experiences with horses. One senior grew up on a farm in central Illinois. Another senior drove her daughter to horseback riding lessons years ago. While stroking the nose of our sweet little mini Hawk, another senior exclaimed that this was her first opportunity of ever coming in contact with a horse and she hoped she would have another opportunity sometime soon.

The teams of minis and handlers waited for the first group of residents to reenter the building to allow time for a second group to visit the minis on the garden patio.

It was a lovely outing. The minis made new friends, many seniors were giddy (up) with joy, and the Activity Director invited us for a return visit in the spring.

With tiny little bodies and hearts as big as Texas, our Merciful Minis continue to make extraordinary connections with those they meet. I am so proud of our teams for the joy they give to others.