Getting Ready

After several months of training , Mercy and Molly are preparing to begin their careers as mini therapy horses. They are quick learners and have calm, easy going manners. They’ll be naturals at bringing joy to those they visit !

Here are pictures of the two babies playing together (to make you smile) and the two girls getting dressed up to visit.

Our Journey With Miniature Therapy Horses: May, 2016


It’s been several months since adding Molly and Mercy into our lives in Homer Glenn, IL. Carol Swinford, of Shades of Blue Ranch, and Jodie Diegel of Mane in Heaven have been our Guardian Angels eager at all times to help us with our many questions regarding the unique needs of the miniature horses.

So many people are eager to join our team as we prepare to visit those who could use a boost as they meet the challenges of illness and aging.

Molly and Mercy have been the core of our Dream Team. Our little Falabella mares are eager to learn and are very tolerant of so many distractions and noises during our workshops attended by volunteers acting as patients and residents of sites we plan to visit.

Laura Berry and Pat Ulbricht recently completed a Handlers Workshop in Elkhart, IN through the Pet Partners organization. This July, Molly and Mercy will be evaluated to determine their readiness to begin their therapy visitations.

There is so much excitement and anticipation as we will welcome this Fall two beautiful colts from Shades of Blue Ranch to our Merciful Minis team. “The Boys” are currently with their mothers frolicking in the pasture, running summersaults over anything in their path. A special Thank You to Beth Berenson for providing stalls, paddocks, feed and a beautiful pasture for the minis to enjoy when they’re not busy entertaining the patients and residents of area facilities. A special thanks also to Terry Nolan for building a lean to, providing shelter for the minis when they are not in their stalls and to Marty Shimkus for designing our Merciful Minis logo.

This has been an unbelievably wonderful beginning to an exciting new adventure. We thank all for your words of encouragement and willingness to support the Merciful Minis therapy horse program! Please join us at our next workshop and don’t forget to bring your hoola hoops, wheel chairs, canes, beach balls and walkers!