Amazon Smile

Thank you! Thank you! To Family and Friends who continue to support the Merciful Minis. Amazon Smile recently deposited a check to the minis which will help cover the cost of the farriers this spring. Amazon does not include the names of our donators. Please know that we appreciate your support.


Winter Thankfulness

Cold Winter, Warm Hearts

      Merciful Minis Feel the Warmth of New Friendships

                                           February, 2019

Even during a particularly cold winter the Merciful Minis continue to warm the hearts of those they meet. When they’re not busy practicing polite social skills for upcoming visitations, the Minis have enjoyed the arrival of guests excited to meet the adorable, furry miniature horses looking more like koala bears and unicorns with their long winter coats and icicles on their whiskers.

How excited we are to receive Thank You cards from young admirers with a donation included to help keep the minis healthy, warm and properly nourished as they bravely endure the frigid winter weather.

Standing side by side with local heroes, we are also very proud of our team handlers as the Merciful Minis received recognition at the Homer Glenn Library for the minis service to the community! We look forward to our April date at the library to continue to support reading incentives and introduce our newest program, Just Say Whoa to Bullying! We have received several requests from schools, senior residences, summer camps, scout groups and local libraries to secure visitation dates, sharing our unconditional love, and learning to resist Bullying in all walks of life.  We encourage all interested in meeting the minis to contact at your earliest convenience. We will be booking spring and summer dates soon.

Thank you again for supporting the Merciful Minis program as we strive to strengthen the human-animal bond and enhance the physical and emotional life of all we meet.