Evergreen in Orland Park

The Merciful Minis Therapy Team were guests today at the Evergreen Center in Orland Park on Friday, July 21st20232220_10210635685263447_3621490918168609558_o20232244_10210635680063317_5925308352209475247_o20247692_10210635688223521_4333200062801831273_o20248115_10210635699103793_6521537718632209522_oResidents lined the halls to greet the Mercifuls and one by one, Molly & Mercy took the time to welcome hugs & kisses from each in attendance.
Although the extreme weather was a bit taxing enroute to the visit, the minis proved once again that they are up to the challenge of bringing mini ounces of joy to all they greet.

Orland Park School-Extended School Year

July 18th brought Merciful Minis to beautiful Orland Park School’s park and playground for a visit with children, teachers and parents. Merciful Minis were ROCKSTARS during their visit to Park School in Orland Park. One by one, classes walked out to the beautiful playground setting under the cool shade of stately trees. Staff, students, and family members were amazed at the beauty and awesome behavior of Mercy and Molly.
Merciful Minis is so excited to begin this partnership in learning throughout the Orland community schools. We hope to return to a Fall Reading Roundup to promote kindness to others and the value of good citizenship.

Smith Village on July 7th

Have I mentioned how proud I am of our Merciful Minis? Wherever they travel, connections are made with those of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and needs.
Today we visited Smith Village in Beverly. Despite trailering in a hot bumpy trailer, our little Fallabella “Gurls”

trotted proudly into the reception room where they were received by a room full of seniors eager to experience the wonders of a therapy horse.
How much do they weigh? How old are they? Do they get any bigger? Have they been in the convent long? Can I ride them?
After a forty minute visit of kisses, hugs and questions, Mercy and Molly said their goodbyes like lovely little ladies and trotted back out to the door satisfied of a job well done !

Merciful Minis Attend Summer Camp

June 27, 2017unnamed

It was a fun filled, sunny day for the adorable Merciful Minis when they traveled

to Plainfield to attend summer school camp at beautiful Lincoln School in


In preparation for their first day of school the minis enjoyed a bubble bath,

pedicure, and their hair stylishly braided. It was a forty minute drive in rural

America to get to the beautiful school where students of a variety of ages,

backgrounds, and abilities waited eagerly for an opportunity to visit with the

pretty little Fallabella blue-eyed ladies. One by one the minis stopped to greet

each student and enjoyed the special attention given by all.

Questions were many and our Merciful Volunteers took the time to give each

student an opportunity to interact with the miniature horses, Molly & Mercy.

Students waved good bye as our Ambassadors of Goodwill trotted into the trailer

satisfied that they had accomplished what they love to do best… Make Others


Our First Return Visit

Merciful Minis started this adventure in October 2016 and we have been to many places and seen many people who have touched our lives.  On June 24th we had our first return first to our very first organization…The Pointe at Kilpatrick.  It was amazing to recognize some of the residents these and we were greeted with a round of applause.  Many kisses and hugs for Molly and Mercy.  Hope to be back again in the near future.