Merciful Minis Blog

October 7, 2020

We recently received a message on our Merciful Minis web site.

“Would it be possible during this challenging covid time for the minis to visit our Motherhouse?”

Mindful of the recommendations of scientists and those in the medical field, we explored possibilities of how this may work.

The weather was perfect for an autumn visit outdoors. Hand sanitizers and masks were available and in continual use and the speaker maintained a social distance. The visit was brief but the Sisters were so thrilled with the minis, their size, their behavior, and their beauty.

Giggles, laughter and clapping prevailed. The minis performed like seasoned therapists.

Would we return? How soon?

We were humbled to be among a core group of women who committed their lives to God and the service of others.

It has been an extraordinary day.

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