Tales of Maintaining Healthy and Happy Minis

                                           May 30, 2019 

In between visits Merciful Minis enjoy daily grooming and training. Contact with others, human, canine, feline…,  is essential in preparing therapy horses for their role in working with others particularly those who the horses don’t see on a daily basis.

The minis then learn to trust others and accept being held and brushed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Pictured above are young handlers grooming Lolly and Mercy while the youngest of minis, Cally (Bella) reaches out to massage the pony tail of the young junior handler.

If you or a family member are interested in learning more about the care of minis, please contact us to schedule a visit. We invite you to join our team and be a part of our mission to improve the lives of others through the unconditional love of our beautiful little horses.

Follow our journey, be a part of our team, wear your mud boots and contact us at


In Between Rainbows

                                A Visit to Chateau Assisted Living                                 Chateau1jpg

                                                                    May 24, 2019

This has been a spring like no other with constant rain, thunderstorms, flooding, vehicle problems and limited hay supply. However, our little minis continue to carry on with their mission to share their unconditional love with those we meet.

At the request of the staff at Chateau our minis met more than twenty seniors waiting in wheelchairs outside of the beautiful facility in what fortunately turned out to be a warm and sunny early Friday afternoon.

Our beautiful little minis, Luna Rae and Hawk greeted each senior stopping for one on one time as the small therapy minis showed off their soft noses, warm coats, and tender eyes. They moved along the circle of seniors and many of the staff and seniors complimented the minis on their lovely purple ribbons attached to the horse’s long flowing tails. Picture taking was constant and stories were exchanged about the fond memories many experienced with loving animals in their childhood years.

When it was time to leave the minis and handlers were followed for a time by seniors in their chairs hoping for an extended time with the therapy horses.

With a broad smile on her face one senior remarked “I never thought I’d have a horse visit me”!  There is so much joy in making connections with others. Well done Merciful Minis!  

New Friendships

                Merciful Minis Visit Alden Rehabilitation

                                     May 10, 2019

 As we travel throughout the Chicagoland area our miniature therapy horse teams have the privilege of meeting hundreds of people bonded together by a love of animals. This was our first visit to Alden Center and upon arriving we could feel the anticipation of the residents at the thought of horses entering their building for an opportunity to come face to face with a tiny little, big hearted miniature therapy horses.

 The two young therapy horses knew their job, Luna Rae and handlers went to the right of the group, Hawks’ handler team went to the left. The therapy horses stopped to meet each resident for a Meet and Greet; residents reached out to give nose and neck rubs to the little horses often commenting on how soft their manes are and the tenderness of the minis’ pink noses.

 Questions were asked: How old are the minis? Will they get any bigger? Why are they wearing boots? Are they “housetrained”? (a concern of many)

 The seniors and staff marveled at the minis beautiful blue eyes and tiny little hooves.

 After making a complete round of “How do you do’s” the handler teams repeated their time with the residents, making sure that each senior had a special one on one time with the Merciful Minis.

 Prior to exiting the building, Luna Rae and handler Martha went to the center of the room, the mini took a bow to the crowd, and the team exited the building. If smiles on the faces of those less able are a measurement of the success of each visit, it is safe to say that the Alden residents enjoyed our little Mercifuls and will have unusual conversations with friends and family as they recall two tiny horses parading in the Alden Rehab Center on a Friday afternoon.

Thank You

Merciful Minis is blessed to be supported by a core group of volunteers committed to improving the lives of others. We are so thankful for the generosity of donators who enable us the opportunity to visit the ill and less able in our Chicago region while caring for the health and well being of our therapy mini horses.
A special acknowledgement to our handler Christine Margaret for her very generous donation this month to help with the cost of spring vet bills and dental work for our ambassador minis. Thank you from our heart to yours 💕


A Community of Helping Hands

                        Merciful Minis Visit Palos Rehabilitation Center

                                                       May 3, 2019

 Preparing for therapy visitations takes thoughtful planning and preparation. Prior to each visit team members meet with Activity Directors to establish a date, time, room location, and most suitable parking for our truck and horse trailer. We talk about an activity that would be most suitable for those we are visiting.

Team handlers clean our minis who have been rolling in the mud throughout the week as only three old horses would love to do. Other handlers are skilled at braiding manes and tales, adding bows and ribbons in seasonally fashionable colors. The truck needs to be hitched to the trailer, cleaned and ready for safe transportation to our sites.

As we were preparing to leave the barn for our May 3 visit to Palos, our team handlers were challenged to overcome an unanticipated problem when our aging, yet up to this point reliable truck, failed to start. Not wanting to disappoint a room full of seniors excited to see the minis, our team handlers recalled the days of our youth when we drove whatever vehicle was available to us. We borrowed jumping cables, hooked our truck to another, and with a little extra time needed to give our battery a boost, we were ready to make the trip arriving on time to a room full of seniors, staff, and excited family members (making sure not to turn off the truck during our visit).

Our minis Luna Rae and Hawk were amazing. The attendance was larger than anticipated, and at one point there was a toddler riding his tricycle in and out of the circle beaming with delight at the sight of the minis in a room that on occasion serves as a chapel. Each senior had the opportunity to pet the minis, and many seniors recalled with fondness the visit they had last year with Merciful Minis and indicating that they will be looking forward to a return visit in 2020! Joy in living, hope for a rewarding tomorrow. Mission accomplished, little therapy horses.

Side note for those who may be concerned: Yes, we replaced the truck battery!

Merciful Minis Return to Mother Theresa

                                                April 26, 2019

Our Marvelous Minis, Luna Rae and Hawk, now experienced therapy horses, confidently visited Mother Theresa Retirement Center in Lemont. More than twenty seniors waited for the arrival of the minis and their handlers. The minis walked around the center of the room stopping to visit each senior eagerly waiting for the opportunity to pet, hug, or kiss the gentle miniature horses.

Many of the retirement center staff members were also on hand for picture taking as the young minis stood proudly beside all who cared for a little unconditional love from a miniature horse who understands and enjoys his work of adding joy into the lives of others.

Merciful Minis teams of handlers are grateful for the support of the communities we visit. We invite you to follow our journey and support our program as you are able. You are welcome to visit the minis for a “hands on” opportunity to groom and walk beside a mini; and to learn the importance of caring for animals so eager to care for us.

Please follow us at mercifulminis.org