A Community of Helping Hands

                        Merciful Minis Visit Palos Rehabilitation Center

                                                       May 3, 2019

 Preparing for therapy visitations takes thoughtful planning and preparation. Prior to each visit team members meet with Activity Directors to establish a date, time, room location, and most suitable parking for our truck and horse trailer. We talk about an activity that would be most suitable for those we are visiting.

Team handlers clean our minis who have been rolling in the mud throughout the week as only three old horses would love to do. Other handlers are skilled at braiding manes and tales, adding bows and ribbons in seasonally fashionable colors. The truck needs to be hitched to the trailer, cleaned and ready for safe transportation to our sites.

As we were preparing to leave the barn for our May 3 visit to Palos, our team handlers were challenged to overcome an unanticipated problem when our aging, yet up to this point reliable truck, failed to start. Not wanting to disappoint a room full of seniors excited to see the minis, our team handlers recalled the days of our youth when we drove whatever vehicle was available to us. We borrowed jumping cables, hooked our truck to another, and with a little extra time needed to give our battery a boost, we were ready to make the trip arriving on time to a room full of seniors, staff, and excited family members (making sure not to turn off the truck during our visit).

Our minis Luna Rae and Hawk were amazing. The attendance was larger than anticipated, and at one point there was a toddler riding his tricycle in and out of the circle beaming with delight at the sight of the minis in a room that on occasion serves as a chapel. Each senior had the opportunity to pet the minis, and many seniors recalled with fondness the visit they had last year with Merciful Minis and indicating that they will be looking forward to a return visit in 2020! Joy in living, hope for a rewarding tomorrow. Mission accomplished, little therapy horses.

Side note for those who may be concerned: Yes, we replaced the truck battery!

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