A Time of Setbacks, Merciful Minis

                                September 25, 2020

 Our Merciful Minis Team had been eager to visit new schools and meet new friends as we introduced Just Say WHOA to Bullying to students in area school districts. Our calendar was full of engagements. We were excited to return to senior centers for another Meet and Greet. Our therapy evaluation dates were set and the Minis were “spot on” ready to go.

Unfortunately a world-wide virus spread throughout the area and our team was unable to do what we love the best: providing joy and unconditional love to others. All of our scheduled dates were cancelled.

Gradually things are starting to return to an ounce of normalcy. Volunteers are grooming and exercising the minis. Young children have made short visits and a horse trainer has begun working with our team, teaching all that is necessary to safely drive a pony cart.

We will soon begin modified off site visits ensuring the safety of all. We would like to thank those who have continued to support and care for the Merciful Minis throughout this challenging time. You have been our Angels of Mercy.

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