Merciful Minis : Entering a New Year, 2018

Following a year of work, determination, growth, and heartache at the loss of our sweet, beautiful Molly, Merciful Minis continues to enjoy the love of working with a team of inquisitive, kind hearted miniature horses bred at Shades of Blue Ranch and destined to win the hearts all of with their kind eyes, lovely spirit, and willingness to learn the skills needed to be tiny Masters of Goodwill in their therapy work.

As we enter a new year, our awesome team of volunteers continues to help our minis fine tune their social skills in preparation for our visits to those less abled and in need of a bit of mini joy.

Our two year old colts, Hawk and Luna Rae, are quick to learn and continue to provide hours of amusement as they romp and tumble during play time before they are asked to walk side by side as perfect little gentlemen while on lead learning the skills needed to be confident and well behaved therapy horses in a variety of settings.

Kind, gentle Mercy represents the heart and soul of the Falabella breed. Always patient, willing and affectionate, Mercy quickly learned to accept a saddle and young rider, demonstrating a keen sense of responsibility as she carried little equestrians preparing to someday join our Merciful Mini volunteer team.

In numerous ways we have been blessed in this journey of providing therapy visits to hundreds of people last year. We have developed lasting friendships and met many remarkable people. Most significantly we are still in awe at the amazing ability of a tiny miniature horse  to connect with others in such a loving , kind manner.

God bless and guide our Merciful Minis as we pursue our dream of helping others.