Smith Crossing June 2021

June 2021

After a year of Covid lockdown the Merciful Minis made a visit to Smith Crossing in Orland Park. More than fifty seniors and staff experienced the joy of sharing the unconditional love of our minis.

We are so proud of our human and equine team! Without a moment of hesitation, the beautiful miniature horses accompanied by their handlers  walked proudly to the seniors waiting outside, greeting each as perfect charming gentlemen. Little Hawk and his team entered the building confidently to visit those who were unable to join the residents outdoors while Rae worked the crowd with his sweet loving demure.

The minis  were absolute rock stars, performing their therapy responsibilities in a manner that would make their Shades of Blue parents proud. Having said our good byes, Rae proudly bowed and the Mercifuls boarded the trailer with their braids and ribbons waving in the air, for a short ride home.

We are so grateful for the help of our volunteers and the generosity of our supporters.  We are blessed to experience the joy of traveling our life journey with you and our Merciful Minis.

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