Merciful Minis Blossomed at the Legacy Ranch Easter Egg Hunt

April 9, 2022

Lockport, Illinois

Our world just hasn’t been the same since a pandemic hit and even our team of mini therapy horses felt the impact of this virus, cutting us off from doing what we enjoy the best: sharing our unconditional joy and love to those in need.

Today the spirit of resurrection came early. The minis were invited to The Legacy Ranch to participate in meeting the Easter Bunny followed by an Easter egg hunt at Legacy’s beautiful grounds. Cally and Lolly, now four years old, dressed in their new halters and ribbons and waited patiently for each child to have their picture taken, complete a craft in the heated arena, and then gather outside for an Easter Egg hunt on the grounds.

There was joy everywhere! Young and old felt the relief of finally returning to traditions put on hold until our world could open its doors and regain enough strength to allow others to enter in. The love our minis showed was amazing! They nuzzled, kissed, hugged and even playfully nudged the head off the Bunny, to the delight of a young child who up to that point was overcome with fear of the bunny. I could watch the minis eyes as she seemed to say “Look, It’s just a Mom with a silly Bunny Head costume”!

When it was time to return home The Merciful Minis confidently walked into the trailer. They were so pleased to be among people who genuinely care for others, and who give so freely so others can be happy. I have never been more proud of our team.

                              Awesome job Merciful Minis!