Holy Family Villa

It has been many years since my family and I visited Holy Family Villa.  Many years ago my mom’s cousin was a sister/nun there (Sister Gabriel).  In addition to visiting the home, many summer days were spent in the picnic grove with family and friends.  So happy my mom was able to join us on this visit and has recovered so that she can be part of our Merciful Mini team!  Once again the smiles of the clients warms the heart and soul.  It is such an honor and pleasure to be able to bring the girls out on visits.

A Visit to Elim in Crestwood

The girls and their “crew” were back on the road with the first Spring visit at Elim Adult Services in Crestwood on Friday, May 7th.  Elim is a wonderful day school for developmentally delayed adults that is staffed with a kind and caring staff that is dedicated to helping the students have a full life.  We can’t say enough about what a warm and caring place Elim is.  It was an honor to visit with Molly and Mercy.  The smiles that we saw from students and staff alike were heartwarming.  One of our volunteers, a retired special education teacher, was surprised to see one of her former junior high school students and was able to say hello.  The sun was shining both outside and inside the building during this visit.