Humanitarian Award

                          Congratulations Mike Berry

                                        August 2020

We are proud to share the honor Mike recently received from the Nascar Foundation for his outstanding contributions toward improving the lives of children in his community.

The 2020 year of the pandemic has been particularly challenging for non-profits. The needs of the sick and elderly are significant and we continue to receive inquiries about when the Merciful Minis can return to sites to help those in need, young and old.


Throughout this period Mike has continued to help in providing care for the animals: good nutrition, exercise, shelter from the elements, fresh water, fence repair and daily training.

We are closely monitoring the health of those in our area and are very anxious to resume our visits when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, we are very thankful for the work of our volunteers and support of our community members. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS MIKE BERRY!


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