Merciful Minis Attend Summer Camp

June 27, 2017unnamed

It was a fun filled, sunny day for the adorable Merciful Minis when they traveled

to Plainfield to attend summer school camp at beautiful Lincoln School in


In preparation for their first day of school the minis enjoyed a bubble bath,

pedicure, and their hair stylishly braided. It was a forty minute drive in rural

America to get to the beautiful school where students of a variety of ages,

backgrounds, and abilities waited eagerly for an opportunity to visit with the

pretty little Fallabella blue-eyed ladies. One by one the minis stopped to greet

each student and enjoyed the special attention given by all.

Questions were many and our Merciful Volunteers took the time to give each

student an opportunity to interact with the miniature horses, Molly & Mercy.

Students waved good bye as our Ambassadors of Goodwill trotted into the trailer

satisfied that they had accomplished what they love to do best… Make Others


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