Picnic With Ponies (Really Miniature Horses)

Merciful Minis: Featured Guests at

                                 Homer Glen Library’s Picnic With The Ponies

                                                          July 24, 2018

Merciful Minis attended a read aloud activity for young families on a freshly cut lawn overlooking a beautiful perennial garden at the Homer Glen Library. Enjoying treats distributed by the library staff, young children sat on blankets eagerly waiting for the opportunity to sit on bales of straw and have their pictures taken with the tiny, young miniature therapy horses, Hawk and Rae.

One by one, the children took their turns petting the minis. Parents and Grandparents smiled with delight as their children had their special time with the young horses .Handlers fielded questions: “How old are they? Can I ride a mini? What do they eat? Where do they live? Can the minis come back to the library?”

With the promise of a return visit in October, the handlers led the minis back on to the trailer for the ride home, satisfied that the young miniature therapy minis completed their task of reaching out to others with great success, following in the hoofprints of our beloved Molly and Mercy, the incredibly awesome foundation of Merciful Minis Therapy Horses.




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