Orland SD 135 Extended School Year

Merciful Minis Visit Orland Park’s Extended School Year Program

                                                         June 23, 2018


…Be grateful for the gift of sharing your earthly span with creatures who comfort. Animals are our spiritual companions, living proof of a simply abundant source of love.

                                                                                        -Simple Abundance; A book of comfort and joy


Merciful Minis returned to visit Orland’s Extended School Year Program, this time on the grounds of Center School. We were blessed with another beautiful morning as our pretty little Falabella mare, Mercy, waited patiently for groups of young students and staff members to exit the school building and then greet the Merciful Minis team members on the shady school grounds.

The children were seated on picnic benches as Mercy and her handlers walked calmly to each child, giving each student an opportunity to experience first hand the joy of interacting with a miniature horse so eager to provide comfort and love to all.

The students smiled as they touched the little mini, were in awe at the beauty of Mercy’s blue eyes, and giggled at the long braid and pretty purple ribbon and pink bow tie on the long white and black tail almost reaching the ground.

One by one Mercy met each student and at the conclusion of the morning visit the children and staff members said their goodbyes hoping for another time to experience the unconditional love of a miniature therapy horse.37778109_10213165675311617_7166158220480741376_n

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