Lincolnway Special Recreation Camp

                             A Visit To Lincolnway Special Recreation Camp

                                                           July 18, 2018


Merciful Minis enjoyed a first time visit to the beautiful Lincolnway Special Recreation camp in New Lenox, Illinois. The weather was perfect for our handler teams; sunny, a steady breeze, moderate temperature. While sitting alongside bales of straw, the team members introduced each camp participant to our mini cadets, Rae and Hawk.

While each camper had the opportunity to pet a mini, some chose to admire the miniature horses from an arms’ length. Lincolnway campers had experienced visits from other therapy animals in the past, however a whinny from a mini was quite a novelty for both students and staff.

When all of the classes had an opportunity to meet the Merciful Minis we said our goodbyes and loaded back into the horse trailer for a brief ride back to the stable. While enroute home team members took the opportunity to reflect on our visit. We are so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many awesome people doing extraordinary things for the benefit of others. In addition, we are so proud of our miniature horses; pint sized equines with an enormous ability to connect and share their unconditional love with people from all walks of life and abilities.

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