The challenges of running a non for profit organization can be daunting and a day doesn’t go by without worry about the obligations of caring for the animals and maintaining a core group of volunteers who give so freely of their time for training and visits without compensation.

Today, however, was a day of great reward; not monetarily but spiritually. Merciful Minis was invited to the home of a family as a training opportunity for our two year old minis. Kelsey Rozema is a young doctoral student pursuing a degree in Art Education. She has physical challenges requiring her to use a wheelchair for mobility. Kelsey invited our minis, Rae and Hawk, to meet her therapy dog at her home in a nearby town.

The miniature horses were “game on”. Their behavior was exceptional and they immediately showed the curiosity and sensitivity needed to become awesome therapy horses.

Reflecting on today’s’ visit I have a renewed confidence in the ability of others to overcome adversity and soar to unlimited heights. As a member of the Merciful Minis Team I have had the honor of meeting many amazing people quietly accomplishing extraordinary levels of achievement not for personal gain but rather for the good and well-being of all.

I am in awe in the power of miniature horses to connect with people and to provide others with a sense of renewal and value for living. I invite all to join the Merciful Minis in their journey. It’s an amazing trail ride unlike all others I’ve experienced.


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