Providence in Palos Heights

June 15, 2018


Merciful Minis returned to Providence Health Care in Palos in celebratory fashion. Following months of rehab after a life threatening illness, our little Falabella Mare, Mercy, pranced out of her trailer, looked at the group of residents awaiting her arrival, and let out a clear, loud whinny to the amusement of all.

Mercy and our team of Merciful Minis therapy volunteers made their rounds greeting each resident, answering questions, and explaining the responsibilities of being a therapy team.

The residents were so happy to see our miniature horse, some still have a picture of Mercy on display in their rooms from last years’ visit. The volunteers could sense that Mercy was pleased to return to Providence and as Mercy and her handler exited back to the horse trailer following their visit with each resident,  she was given a huge a round of applause. Mercy held her head high, her blue eyes sparkled, and with a tiny little smile she pranced into the horse trailer to return home.

Important job well done for a little horse with a big heart.

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