Merciful Minis:Return Visit to Evergreen Senior Center

                                      July 12, 2019

On a beautiful Friday morning in July, the Merciful Minis were able to take advantage of a brief break in this summer’s extreme heat for a visit to the lovely  Evergreen  Senior Center in Orland Park ,IL.

The miniature therapy horses were greeted by seniors waiting outside on a shady porch. The minis stopped to greet those waiting before entering the center’s air conditioned lobby where more than thirty seniors, staff and family members were on hand to greet the miniature therapy horses.


One by one the minis took time to visit each senior. The little minis know their job; it’s inspiring to see how the horses instinctively know to reach out to touch the hands of those who are unable.

Throughout the visit Merciful Minis handlers answered questions and shared information about the minis and the schooling that is needed to be a registered therapy horse. Overwhelmed with joy upon seeing the minis, a senior broke out in song and serenaded the minis as they walked by.

When it was time to say goodbye, one of the minis walked to the center of the circle and took a bow to the crowd (he and his trainer had been practicing this and were eager to show their latest skill).  A spontaneous round of applause followed as the three year old minis trotted out the doorway and into the horse trailer for the brief ride home.

Each visit renews our belief in the power of sharing unconditional love to those in need. The little minis know their job; it’s awesome to witness the human/equine connection during each of the Merciful Minis outings.


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