Merciful Minis Welcome An Air Force Veteran

                                    July 28, 2019

We recently received a text from an Air Force Veteran who has heard of the amazing things our miniature therapy horses have been doing, and was eager to experience the tremendously positive value of establishing a human/equine bond.

Our little mare minis enthusiastically welcomed our visitor. They loved to have their manes brushed and noses nuzzled. As a bonus treat the three little mares were led to a pasture where they were able to kick up their heels, munch on green grass, and stop just in time for a three minute photo shoot before they returned to their horseplay.

Moose, a beautiful Great Pyrenees taller than two of our minis, was eager to enjoy the company of an Air Force Vet. Together they walked down a country lane, each enjoying the companionship of a new found Friend.

The morning visit went entirely too fast. As our guest was ready to leave, hugs were exchanged and promises were made to return to the farm where animals and humans can experience an unconditional love unlike any other.

Please follow our journey and support our goal of improving the physical and emotional health of others. We welcome your participation and are proud to serve those who have unselfishly served our country.


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