An Invitation From A Very Extraordinary Group of Women

             Merciful Minis Were Honored Guests at P.E.O., NV

                                      October 9, 2018

We have met some amazing people doing extraordinary things as we take our little minis from town to town sharing their unconditional love with those who may be struggling in their lives.

Last year several team handlers left the little minis to rest in their stable while the handlers attended a Ladies Night Out in the beautiful New Lenox Community Center grounds. There we met a team of women representing the Philanthropic Education Organization, NV as they participated in a fund raiser to help young women reach their goal of attaining a higher level of education.

Linked together with a common bond of helping others, the PEO NV chapter invited Merciful Minis to attend one of their meetings in the home of their Local President. Although raining the entire week, the clouds parted and the sun came out just long enough for the minis to meet P.E.O family members in the host’s beautiful garden. Grandchildren accompanied parents & grandparents; all were excited to meet minis Hawk and Luna Rae.

When it was time to return home, near sunset, the minis and children said their good-byes in hopes of the opportunity of meeting again soon and continuing in their mission of adding joy into the lives of all they meet.

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