Merciful Minis Visit Lemont Center

October 13, 2018

The Merciful Minis were excited to visit the beautiful Lemont Rehab Center : a relatively new facility within minutes from our barn .We were greeted at the entryway and walked down a bright and attractive hallway decorated in seasonal autumn colors to a rehab room where a dozen of people were anxiously awaiting our visit.

Our beautiful Falabella mare, Mercy, knew exactly what to do as she walked up to each person seated in a wheelchair, stopping for a moment to enjoy the opportunity to exchange pleasantries before moving on to the next person waiting.

There were so many smiles and tender moments of seniors enjoying the contact with a miniature therapy horse. Some relived time in their youth of living on a farm, and growing up with favorite animals. One gentleman exclaimed that this was the first time in his life that he ever came face to face with a blue eyed miniature horse!

The staff members were equally excited and after several minutes of picture taking, we said our good byes, hoping to return in the spring.

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