Pet Partner Evaluations

                     Merciful Minis Evaluated by Pet Partners

                                               October 6, 2018

“Try not to be nervous. Use this experience as an opportunity for improvement. Most two year old miniature horses need a time or two before they can successfully complete their evaluations”.

Although assessments, particularly for retired educators, can be unnerving the dedicated Pet Partner Team of evaluators made the two hour drive to test our Merciful Minis Team on the minis preparedness for therapy visitations.  The test was conducted at a site unfamiliar to the miniature horses (a requirement to determine how comfortable the minis are in surroundings outside of their home.)

Throughout the year, volunteers worked diligently in all types of weather introducing the minis to sounds, sites, and circumstances outside the norm. We practiced exposure to wheel chairs, balloons, people shouting, music blaring, folding chairs, young toddlers, bearded elders, wagons, dogs, bicycles, parades, and music of a variety of kinds and volume. We felt we had prepared our minis as best we could and it was now up to them to give it their all.

How unbelievably proud we were as each Handler Team passed the Pet Partners Test in their first attempt!

I am convinced that our success is a result of the overwhelming support we continue to receive from enormously kind people committed to helping the Merciful Minis therapy horses in their quest to improve the lives of others.

Thank You doesn’t come close to our level of appreciation. We are honored and totally humbled to have you share our journey with us.


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