Bolingbrook Special Recreation

Merciful Minis Visit Bolingbrook Recreation Program

                                      October 5, 2018

It was our second attempt to visit the beautiful facility in Bolingbrook, serving a diverse group of area residents. Our first scheduled visit this year had been cancelled due to inclement weather.

Throughout the month of September team handlers had focused on preparing for the Fall Pet Partners testing, a comprehensive test of readiness skills assessing a level of desirable social skills needed for each visit. During our visit to Bolingbrook today our beautiful Falabella miniature horse Mercy set the standard on what the behavior of a miniature therapy horse should be.

Holding her head high and indicating to her handler that it was time for “game on”, Mercy walked into a room full of adults, some with special needs, and began to work the crowds. Mercy stopped at each member, gave them time to admire her lovely eyes and beautiful braids, pet her if they cared to, and then continue on to the next person. Laughter and squeals of delight filled the room. Not one bit concerned about the noise level of the room, Mercy continued on and then waited patiently for the photos to be taken before bidding her good byes and exiting the room.

Each participant of todays’ event was in awe at the love and patience young Mercy demonstrated. My eyes fill up with tears when I think about the challenges young Mercy experienced as a filly, and then at the loss of her dear companion, followed by her own life threatening illness. Perhaps, as a result of her early years, Mercy has a sense of empathy for others that only a survivor can understand.

I continue to learn from my experiences with Merciful Minis. I believe each visit enriches the quality of my senior years in unmeas43176061_10213629820514957_6405333931117248512_nurable ways.

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