Celtic Fest

Merciful Minis Honored Guests at Celtic Fest

                                              St. Joe’s Park  Joliet

                                                August 25, 2018

Under the shade of beautiful oak trees minis Hawk and Luna Rae, with glitter on their hooves and ribbons on their tails, greeted many in attendance. Our little miniature therapy horses were very comfortable in their surroundings, unaffected by bagpipes, bouncies, live entertainment, and young families excited about the possibility of having their pictures taken with the confident little horses who, at times, seem to smile at the cameras and nicker while being petted by young girls waiting to dance on stage at the community event.

We are so proud of the behavior of the young minis! We look forward to more opportunities of sharing the joy and unconditional love miniature therapy horses can give as they visit people of all needs and backgrounds.

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