Our First Visit

14642339_10154619399076499_2710863505705780756_n 14642386_10154619399621499_6433241267201439419_n 14650137_10154619399566499_7206590730785375472_n 14650220_10154619399386499_7556804231565231755_n 14670688_10208346510195501_6351454699359621795_n 14670881_10154619399736499_3991393596717951965_n 14671369_10154619399276499_5303226617801429495_n 14681626_10154619399261499_5996405173136573032_n 14682106_10208345475249628_4341156106089704669_oSaturday, October 22, 2016 was a momentous day for Merciful Minis. We made our first visit to The Pointe at Kirkpatrick. Months and months of work, so many wonderful people helping to make this dream a reality and then the very first time the girls visited a residence. We can’t thank all the people who made this a reality enough. From encouraging words, training help, living space and all the great ideas…THANK YOU.
I don’t think anyone can be totally prepared for the first visit. Yes…we trained and prepared and practiced. We cleaned the girls until they (literally) shined…and then cleaned ourselves 🙂 That part we were ready for…it was the smiles and the feelings of happiness from those we were visiting that can really make you feel so blessed to be part of this. And…not just the residents…the staff were excited, the families that were there were happy (adult children and grandchildren…dogs too), but also the neighborhood residents who greeted us in the parking lot. One gentleman talked of his horses in Montana. Another asked the activity director how she was going to top this (Merciful Minis)?
We are on our way to share the magic that horses (no matter what the size) bring!

2 thoughts on “Our First Visit

  1. Pet therapy is so therapeutic and you are doing awesome work. I am a colleague of Angie and would be very interested in your program !
    Please contact me at your convenience, I would enjoy discussing it with you. Thank you !


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