Our girls are constantly in training and we try to think of novel experiences for them to have.  One new adventure recently was a visit to Big R in Homer Glen.  We called ahead and the manager and staff were gracious and assured us the girls were welcome as long as they are leashed.  Since we had been practicing with our shoes, we decided to pay them a visit.

Our visit was a lot of fun and the shoppers at Big R were curious and happy to see the girls.  As expected, the girls were well behaved and had a good experience.  We shopped for some soft brushes to use on our visits so that residents can brush the girls.

It is always a pleasant surprise how friendly and engaged complete strangers are when horses are in the mix.  One gentleman mentioned that he had dad a farm on 139th a long time ago and that his first job was cleaning the horses.  Another lady mentioned she gets her compost from JB’s Ranch.  All shoppers and employees were so excited to engage with the girls.

It was a very positive experience and once again we are so proud of Molly and Mercy and happy that our visit brought a smile to so many folks.


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