Pet Partners Test

We have worked so hard since January to learn how to be a team with Molly and Mercy and to get the skills needed to be successful pet partners.  On Saturday, October 8th Patty and Laura tested with each of the girls (Molly and Mercy) and are now certified pet partner teams.  The minis were great….the humans were nervous wrecks.  Thanks to our testers Denise  and Jenna for your patience and genuine desire to not only assure the girls were ready but that they wanted us all to be successful.  We are ready to go forth into the therapy world.  We couldn’t have done this without the help of so many especially our dear friend Martha (and her dog Trudy)who shows the girls patience and love every day.  It took a village to get this far.  So many more have made this possible and your assistance is appreciated.14570497_10208218966086978_1237477133580370372_n

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