An Autumn Visit to Harvester Place: Burr Ridge

                                                 October 4, 2019

 The Merciful Minis returned to Harvester Place on a cool, cloudy fall morning. More than forty residents were waiting in two separate rooms for the minis to arrive.

One by one Hawk and Luna Rae stopped to visit each resident. The handlers introduced each mini, giving brief background information on the miniature horses’ age, training, diet, and preferences.

Seniors talked about their past experiences with animals, from life on a farm to absolutely no previous contact with horses or other farm animals. Although unable to see, one senior wanted all to know that she and Hawk had made a connection much deeper than the eye could see. They connected with one another; they communicated thru touch and feeling. As I meet people of all ages, backgrounds and social physical needs there are moments I wish our little mini could have extended visits for additional one on one time with those who have made a special connect. Hawks’ meeting with this senior was one of those moments.

I have developed a better understanding of the term “Unconditional love” since my work with our miniature therapy horse team. I have witnessed many moments when an extraordinary bond has been made between horse and human in a very brief period of time.

There is a huge commitment in caring for a team of miniature horses. The rewards are intrinsic; as with Hawk’s visit today the value of a human/equine bond is at a level much deeper than monetary profit or public recognition. The bond represents one individual caring for another.

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