A Sad Day

We are sad to report that the mom of our little Rae passed (along with her foal) yesterday.  Think of this what you will…….but it gives us pause to think.

I want to share this story with you because I believe it reflects a powerful bond beyond our understanding. Each morning I work with our minis, who are always loving & responsive. I was surprised yesterday when our little Rae was exceptionally more animated and a bit headstrong. I attributed it to “spring in the air”.
Laura visited the minis in the afternoon to do some training with two of our volunteers. She phoned as she was heading home to tell me that Rae was behaving quite unusually,,,,jumping and rearing on the lead line…with no intent to hurt but just to let her know that something was causing him some upset.
When I read your FB post last evening my heart stopped. Could it be that our little two year old Luna Rae sensed his Mother’s loss? Odd, I agree but I am a firm believer that there is more to this life and our understanding than we may ever know.

I’ll give My little Rae some extra tender time today.

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