A brief reflection on this journey.  Can’t believe that it will be a year next month since our FIRST VISIT.

Our Story

Following the loss of our beautiful Bay Companion, the idea of continuing to bring joy into the lives of others thru a unique partnership with horses evolved into the beginning of Merciful Minis Therapy Horses.

The goal of the “Mercifuls” is to improve the emotional and physical well-being of others through the interaction of miniature therapy horses. To this date, we have visited the sick, the elderly, Veterans’ organizations, and summer camps for those less abled. Our volunteers and horses have completed coursework and then were evaluated by Pet Partners International, a world- wide therapy animal organization.

 As a non- profit organization we are extremely grateful for donations to support the physical care of the animals, expenses incurred to transport our team to and from each visit, and the maintenance of our aging truck and trailer. We hope in the future to broaden our base of those we are able to visit as our core of volunteers and additional resources increase.


Thank you for your support of the Merciful Minis!  

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