Meet the Mini’s Day September 2, 2017

Our thanks go to Karen Thompson who opened her heart and home to Merciful Minis first ever fund raiser.  So many people.  So much fun!  Meet the Minis Day was a GREAT success

. Thank you to one and all that came out to support, love and donate to the Merciful Minis Mercy and Molly. And for the first time minis Rae and Hawk made their first public appearance. Thank you Patty Ulbricht and Laura Berry for sharing these wonderful Falabellas with all of us. A special thank you to Karen Thompson for opening her home and her heart to host this wonderful event. Thank you also goes to Marsha, Jackie, Eloise Shimkus Trudy, Martha Arambula, Eddie, Chris, Rebecca Walker-Meredith, Dayanna, Arturo, and Marria for overseeing the stations, Mike, Steve, Norm, and Tom for assisting as needed. Without your help we could not have had such a wonderful event like today. Thank you again one and all.

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